5 tips to achieve vaginal orgasm with penetration

5 tips to achieve vaginal orgasm with penetration

Raise your hand if you’re sure you’re going to have a vaginal orgasm instead of a clitoral one. Mmm little. According to a recent study by the Kinsey Institute, 30% of women do not reach orgasm during intercourse and 70% of the others know only the clitoral type. Perhaps because, as Ian Kerner states in his book She comes first: the thinking man’s guide to pleasuring a woman , if vaginal orgasm is understood as the one that can only be achieved via vaginal penetration, then it is really rare. According to experts, the vaginal orgasm or g-spot consists in the stimulation of the clitoris – whose G-spot is nothing more than an “extension”, an “internal component” – but from within. In fact, we must imagine the clitoris as ainvisible organ for 90% of which we see only the “glans” , which is what we stimulate during masturbation or foreplay. The G-spot would therefore be an area of ​​tissue , more or less extensive depending on the female anatomy, which is part of the “internal” clitoris . Is coming only with penetration without at the same time pressing or “swinging” on the clitoris then impossible? Absolutely not. Here’s how to reach vaginal orgasm in 5 steps .

  1. Strengthen your pelvic muscles with Kegel exercises

    According to Dr. Emily Morse of the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality , toning the vaginal muscles helps define and isolate the G-spot area and therefore better stimulate it . Kegel exercises help to intensify orgasm, prolonging and increasing muscle contractions (the famous “waves”) at the moment of climax.

  2. Use sex toys for G-spot and vaginal stimulation

    G-spot sex toys , which can be dildos or G-spot vibrators , are curved upwards and have a round but flat tip. Sometimes, like Lelo’s Ina and Mona Wave, they even have one arm waving and mimicking the “come here” motion of the index finger, tickling the G-spot just right. The vibrations do the rest.

  3. Try the doggy style position

    Also according to Morse, doggy style or doggie style ensures greater pressure on the G-spot from behind . Her back, on all fours, must be strictly downwards to form a hollow and the buttocks must be out to allow the penis to penetrate all the way and the hips to rise upwards as he pushes. In short, if you’ve ever done yoga, it’s the cat asana , no more, no less.

  4. Make love longer

    According to the Journal of Sexual Medicine, the longer the relationship lasts, the more chances there are of reaching the Big O from other perspectives as well. To do this, it is essential to change positions often , from missionary to spooning to spider doggy style to rider (not necessarily in that order): try them all and you will get to know yourself better. Because, according to Kim Anami, creator of vaginal kung fu , the vaginal orgasm is for everyone.

  5. Increase the sensitivity of your vagina

    While vaginal orgasms are for everyone, not everyone has a “sensitive” vagina. For psychological reasons, of course, due to a post-traumatic or cultural closure for which one is unable to live one’s sexuality to the fullest, but also because perhaps they suffer extemporaneously from vaginal dryness or poor intimate lubrication (sometimes induced by the contraceptive pill). To make the environment more “welcoming”, however, there

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