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For numerous women, the appeal of solo travel depends on the flexibility to finally say “yes” in a world when we are typically informed “no.” And yet in the face of this opportunity, we are still presented with factors not to get our passports marked.

In another short article published recently bearing a salacious title, “Adventurous, Alone, Attacked,” provided a variety of such factors. The article information violent assaults on solo women travellers, who needed to learn how to walk once again after an attack in Thailand, who was extremely eliminated later.

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Informing their stories is very important. But for many women tourists like me, the short article bears a familiar message, similar to what a well-meaning parent might email to their jet-setting daughter. It is suggested, “I informed you so,” an alerting to remain on guard, if not completely still.

I’ve spoken with more than 200 women tourists for the podcast, which profiles women looking for adventure. A lot of the women I’ve spoken with have or wish to travel solo. When I read posts that highlight the risks, I am struck by the binary method we talk about women who travel alone. Frequently, it is presented in the media as either safe or unsafe. I thought about how people reading the title may focus on the words “alone” and “attacked”. Sure, these dangers are real and frightening. Are the threats of travelling alone truly that different from the threats women experience every day, even in locations they call the house?

So how do we move on with hope, readiness, and a sense of experience? I talked with 4 seasoned solo women visitors about their practical takeaways when reading stories about harmful solo travel, why they will never ever stop heading out on their own, and the reasons they believe women need to still travel alone.

If you await a travel buddy to go do all the things, you will never ever do

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Georgi began travelling by herself out of requirement: “If I waited to have a travel pal, partner, spouse, boyfriend, whatever, to go do all the important things I wanted to do, I would never ever do them. … Life is short. I don’t wish to sit at home waiting.” Today, she is on a solo quest to be the 5th woman and one of very few Latinas to finish the checking out an adventure mission to reach the two poles and each of the greatest mountains in the seven continents.

She thinks that informing stories about women who have actually travelled alone and faced threat helps to raise awareness about gender-based violence around the world. But in her own journeys, it’s a matter of planning for safety with every journey. She looks into a nation greatly prior to she plans to embark and has even chosen against specific places since, for her, the danger exceeds the benefit.

Miranda relates her knowings with the outside principle of “beta.” In climbing up, beta is details about a climb’s difficulty or necessary equipment, to name a few life-saving bits. It’s acquired gradually and passed in between climbers. Likewise, Miranda shares travel beta with other women she meets on the move.

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