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The first time in a private club

The first time in a private club

The idea appeals to most couples, but for one reason or another we always tend to put it off. Often those who enter the swinger  world don’t have too clear ideas and certainly urban legends abound and they do nothing but make it more difficult to understand how to move. If you don’t already enter with some preparation, the first time in a Club Privè can be a somewhat disappointing experience.

Starting from the simplest things, up to the rituals of the various clubs, it is advisable not to enter bold and unprepared, because you risk being left without a word or worse, finding yourself at the door without even half an idea of ​​what really happened.

Which venue to choose?

First of all the choice of venue. Not all are the same, but most organize themed evenings or evenings dedicated to couples only, or to GangBang or to selected entrances. So carefully choose the evening that is most suitable for you and your tastes.

Don’t go direct without knowing the theme of the evening!

What to wear at Club Privè?

The first time in a private clubThere is no single rule, but it is good to see the Club Privè NOT like any other club . Choosing something that makes us feel sexy and at ease, without giving up a bit of elegance, always bearing in mind that each club has a specific Dresscode which can vary according to the chosen evening.

It goes without saying that you don’t go to a private club in jeans or sneakers.

We choose something that is easy to remove, if we aim for a turbulent encounter, but if our imagination guides us towards a ritual and sensual striptease, we choose something that is worth it, but which does not hinder the maneuvers.

What to bring with you?

If we slip into a Privè it is good to have at least everything we need in the car and also bring along some pieces that we always need, such as condoms and lubricant . Many clubs are now fully equipped, but we would never miss a stock in our pockets.

A toothbrush with lots of toothpaste and a towel can also be useful , without forgetting a little detergent, because some stains must be treated immediately, otherwise they leave their mark.

The evenings can be really agitated depending on how things go, so it can be useful to bring a spare pair of underwear , and in the car, if you want, a complete change, because there is always the risk of finding yourself without trousers surprise or full of “spumante”.

The Bar of the Club Prive

Usually in Privè the bar is in a classic style, complete with a bartender (dressed) behind his beautiful counter. But there are also a particular type which in English-speaking countries are called BYOB ( Bring Your Own Bottle ) where you bring the bottle from home. In Italy it is rare, but it is marked and the bartender serves us drinks from our bottle throughout the evening, because it is said that we do not want to have too many contacts with all the bodily fluids of others.

It is always good to inquire first about how the bar works, because drinks are usually paid for at the end of the evening and if we haven’t been able to hold back, we really Read the rest

Sex without penetration

Sex without penetration: why you might like the Outercourse

In a recent article we wondered if oral sex was just foreplay or if it was time to consider it something more.

Sexual tastes and customs are constantly evolving and change visibly from one decade to the next, especially in the last period, where we are witnessing the emergence of many new trends in the bedroom.

Outercourse is a term that can be used to encompass a wide variety of sexual behaviors. It is often used to describe frottage, tribadism, or other types of sexual body rubbing that do not involve penetration but still involve orgasm. It can also include kissing, mutual masturbation , talking about sexual fantasies, and similar activities.

Only one ban

How many of you consider sexual intercourse satisfactory only if it includes actual penetration?

Know that, as strange as it may seem to many, there are those who can do without penetration, focusing on all the delicious side dish. This, in essence, is the Outercourse concept  that has more and more admirers.

“Penetration is an option, not the definition of sex.”

If you think that this term is just another way, more innovative and ‘in’, to indicate the classic Petting you are very wrong, this is not a question of some pushed kiss and uncertain rubbing by two teenagers too shy to go further, Outercourse is definitely another sport, where the rule is only one: no penetration, but yes to everything else.

Sex without penetrationFor example, making out, touching, massaging, outside play, and some BDSM activities can all fall under full non-penetrative sex.

Obviously, as with everything related to sex, the nuances in the Outercourse are many, and there is no manual that establishes the boundaries: the most rigorous ones do not allow any type of penetration, oral sex and penetrative female masturbation included, while for the less intransigent, everything can be fine, except actual vaginal sex.

So you set the rules, and then green light to rubbing, nipple stimulation, licking and massage of all kinds, following nothing but your instincts.

Because it is not to be discarded

There are endless reasons why you might opt ​​for outercourse over penetrative intercourse, here are the first that come to mind:

  • You love BDSM and as you know a lot of RPGs don’t actually involve penetration. For example: handcuffs, blindfolds, floggers and whips.
  • For whatever reason you want to abstain from penetrative sex (perhaps  during your period ,)
  • Prevent pregnancy without the use of contraceptive methods.
  • With a casual partner, to avoid getting or passing on STIs .
  • You can prolong sex if your partner struggles to maintain an erection.
  • If you suffer from pain during sex due to endometriosis, vaginismus, fibroids or scars (physical and mental) from sexual trauma.
  • It can be a great way to build your couple bond (and add some hot new options to your sexual repertoire). 

Don’t focus all your mental energies only on penetration, in fact, it will make you be more attentive to the needs of the other, as well as your own, making you discover your sexuality once more and decreasing the stress levels of all the participants.

More focused on what your body really wants, less stressed and certainly more fired up than ever, you can then decide whether or not to make the Outercourse the central focus of the evening or just an appetizer before the main course.Read the rest

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The world of pleasure will certainly available to you as quickly as you visit London. The city has plenty of women at budget-friendly rates. The city is to provide you with a few of the curvy London escorts that needs to provide. London companies pride itself in their large array of lovely companions from all location of the UK. These ladies are open to any type of fun caring man that is eager to have top quality time in London. These lovely inexpensive ladies supply the finest of escort solutions that London has ever before had. Curvy London escorts are recognized for complete variety of companions’ solutions in the area.

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holivudski piling in Varna

Секси момичета с холивудски пилинг имат много атрактивни снимки

В днешно време в мрежата има много горещи снимки на жени. С основно търсене можете да откриете много горещи изображения на горещи дами с холивудски пилинг. Въпреки това, ако искате да задоволите гореща жена, след като видите нейните атрактивни снимки, тогава ще получите просто провал, защото. В повечето случаи няма да имате никаква представа за самоличността на дамата, която виждате в някои атрактивни изображения. И ако разберете самоличността й, тогава да й се обадите и да получите „да“ от нея за конференция, ще бъдат други сложни неща, които трябва да направите. Така че, казано просто, можем да кажем, че е практически трудно за момчетата да задоволят привлекателните дами, след като разгледат техните атрактивни и горещи изображения в интернет.

Въпреки това, този проблем не съществува при с екси момичета с холивудски пилинг. В интерес на истината, Секси момичета с холивудски пилинг има много атрактивни снимки онлайн и можете да ги разгледате бързо. Това обаче не е завършване на историята поради факта, че ако искате да се забавлявате добре сред тези манекенки, след като се насладите на атрактивните им изображения, тогава можете да направите това бързо. За това просто трябва да се обадите на свързания с екси момичета с холивудски пилинг компания и след това можете да работите с прекрасна дама или по ваш избор. Така че мога с увереност да заявя, че ако гледате някои горещи снимки на прекрасни манекенки и искате да отидете на среща с тях, тогава можете бързо да направите това, без да имате никакъв тип проблем или проблем в тази конкретна процедура.

Някои от вас също могат да заявят, че с екси момичета с холивудски пилинг ще има само няколко горещи снимки онлайн, докато можете да откриете безброй атрактивни изображения от други жени. Съгласен съм, с тази реалност, че мрежата има много такива изображения от горещи дами, но това не означава, че можете да получите само няколко горещи изображения на с екси момичета с холивудски пилинг. Без съмнение, броенето на с екси момичета с холивудски пилингът на атрактивни изображения може да не е толкова висок, колкото другата алтернатива, но тогава по същия начин тази сума е наистина. В интерес на истината, ако разгледате всички горещи изображения на с екси момичета с холивудски пилинг, предлаган в интернет, тогава може да се наложи да предложите наистина дълъг период от време за това. Поради тази причина мога да заявя, че това броене или контрастна част се разваля или неоправдано в полезен сценарий.

goli krasavici VarnaКакто казах, с екси момичета с холивудски пилинг имат много горещи изображения, така че можете да получите почти всички видове снимки, свързани с тях. Можете да откриете някои горещи снимки, които правят странни неща, докато в някои други снимки може да правят нещо друго. Нещата могат да продължат да се увеличават в този списък, но нещо е сигурно, че ще имате наистина забавно преживяване с тези снимки. Така че, ако просто искате да видите някои горещи снимки на горещи жени, тогава можете също да видите тези снимки. И ако имате желание да излизате с горещи и привлекателни жени, след като разгледате снимките им, тогава с екси момичета с холивудски услугата пилинг е на разположение и за това и можете да се забавлявате добре с тях с прости методи.

Т he intro and development of the момичета с холивудски пилинг във Варна и съществуващите модели

Тъй като в началото туристическото привличане на момчета към противоположния пол всъщност е … Read the rest

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Some people get brought in towards Surrey escorts with big boobs, some men feel more attraction for old women and some men feel unique for teenagers and young sexy girls. If I discuss myself, I belong to those people that are quite brought in toward young teens and hot girls. I never want to miss a chance to invest quality time with your young attractive women or stunning teens, but mainly I get success in it just when I remain in Surrey. In fact, when I go to Surrey then I easy get young attractive women and hot teenagers for my satisfaction function and I do not get any sort of problem or trouble likewise to have them as my companion in the beautiful city of Surrey.

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