The first time in a private club
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The first time in a private club

The idea appeals to most couples, but for one reason or another we always tend to put it off. Often those who enter the swinger  world don’t have too clear ideas and certainly urban legends abound and they do nothing but make it more difficult to understand how to move. If you don’t already enter with some preparation, the first time in a Club Privè can be a somewhat disappointing experience.

Starting from the simplest things, up to the rituals of the various clubs, it is advisable not to enter bold and unprepared, because you risk being left without a word or worse, finding yourself at the door without even half an idea of ​​what really happened.

Which venue to choose?

First of all the choice of venue. Not all are the same, but most organize themed evenings or evenings dedicated to couples only, or to GangBang or to selected entrances. So carefully choose the evening that is most suitable for you and your tastes.

Don’t go direct without knowing the theme of the evening!

What to wear at Club Privè?

There is no single rule, but it is good to see the Club Privè NOT like any other club . Choosing something that makes us feel sexy and at ease, without giving up a bit of elegance, always bearing in mind that each club has a specific Dresscode which can vary according to the chosen evening.

It goes without saying that you don’t go to a private club in jeans or sneakers.

We choose something that is easy to remove, if we aim for a turbulent encounter, but if our imagination guides us towards a ritual and sensual striptease, we choose something that is worth it, but which does not hinder the maneuvers.

What to bring with you?

If we slip into a Privè it is good to have at least everything we need in the car and also bring along some pieces that we always need, such as condoms and lubricant . Many clubs are now fully equipped, but we would never miss a stock in our pockets.

A toothbrush with lots of toothpaste and a towel can also be useful , without forgetting a little detergent, because some stains must be treated immediately, otherwise they leave their mark.

The evenings can be really agitated depending on how things go, so it can be useful to bring a spare pair of underwear , and in the car, if you want, a complete change, because there is always the risk of finding yourself without trousers surprise or full of “spumante”.

The Bar of the Club Prive

Usually in Privè the bar is in a classic style, complete with a bartender (dressed) behind his beautiful counter. But there are also a particular type which in English-speaking countries are called BYOB ( Bring Your Own Bottle ) where you bring the bottle from home. In Italy it is rare, but it is marked and the bartender serves us drinks from our bottle throughout the evening, because it is said that we do not want to have too many contacts with all the bodily fluids of others.

It is always good to inquire first about how the bar works, because drinks are usually paid for at the end of the evening and if we haven’t been able to hold back, we really risk a nasty surprise. Some places use drink cards , while others charge directly for drinks.

How to approach it

The bar and the ballroom in general are the places where you find yourself chatting and filtering, and where, in a sense, you begin to make your first choices. You shouldn’t have high expectations , however, much better to let things take their natural turn without forcing them.

Always be sincere, if you’re new, say it without problems, in the end you’ll always have met one more couple, and it’s best not to lose heart, especially as the evening heats up.

Let’s just remember that it’s not good to be too explicit in an approach because it’s not said that the people present in the circle directly want to talk only about sex. For many it is more exciting to have a chat and get to know each other a little before moving on to practice.

How to decline an invitation

It is perfectly normal to politely decline any invitation, for whatever reason, to a swingers club. A simple ” no thanks ” or a polite “maybe another time” or a “thanks, but no” is usually enough . If someone is making us uncomfortable, let them know more or less directly. If they continue with the discomfort, just call a member of security or staff.

Usually in Private Clubs, where there are several opportunities, people are quite polite and retire without making a fuss, and most of the time those who are unable to control themselves are directly reached by security and put in a position to leave, or calm down. So don’t worry, you won’t be forced to do anything you don’t want to.

The more experienced couples are also used to dealing with first-timers, instead of running away, take the opportunity!

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